Embedded Hardware,
Real Time Operating Systems,
and Developer Tools

A complete suite of embedded products and developer tools with enterprise capabilities and hobbyist simplicity to streamline your IoT implementation.

Faster development

Build off production ready hardware and firmware. Let your engineers focus on the application, not networking, security, or connectivity.


Create your product with a hardened platform to easily scale to high volume production. Build off our modules, or let our team create your complete product.


Flexible software abstractions, and completely customizable for enterprise customers.

Cocoa Nib

Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Module

Delivered as: Development Kit | Module | Reference Designs

BLE Module for the Afero IoT PlatformTM. Based on the Afero ASR-1B radio, ATSAMG55 host microcontroller and includes native support with the Cocoa IDE and cocoaOS. Fully customizable to meet your requirements.

Currently pre-selling modules and implementations.
Production ready December 2018.

Cocoa Nib

Cocoa Butter

Cellular LTE, Wi-Fi, and BLE Module

Delivered as: Development Kit | Module

Cellular, Wi-Fi, and BLE in a single module. Provides gateway functionality for the Cocoa Nib as well as edge computing.

Currently pre-selling modules and implementations.
Production ready June 2019.

Cocoa IDE

Develop, compile, debug, and flash your application code with native support for cocoaOS and Cocoa supported hardware. Application code stays local with cocoaOS updates pulled from the cloud for local compiling.

Cocoa IDE


Real Time Operating System (RTOS) for hardware abstractions, over-the-air updates, native security, and Arduino compatibility. Available through the Cocoa IDE with updates delivered via the cloud.

Free to use. Commercial indemnification agreements, engineering support, and customized hardware abstraction layers available.