We strive to complete a simple and transparent pricing model. When you ask an engineer “how much” the answer is usually “it depends”. As engineers we understand that statement but believe there is a better way.


Don’t re-invent the wheel. Using Cocoa electronics, you take advantage of our large database of proven modular hardware designs which can be compiled to save you money and speed to market. The build your own tool breaks down the cost into design, component, fabrication and assembly costs. A clear pricing structure makes it easy to make smart choices to reduce cost.
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If you’re looking for custom services in a managed solution we’ve applied our same commitment to transparency. You’ll be assigned a lead engineer and account executive for each project.

Contact us if you’d like to review our standard contract. In case you aren’t a lawyer here are the key points.

  • Our rates start at $67.73 and go up to $150 per hour depending on project size, payment schedule and position at the company.
  • Discounts for large projects
  • 3% discount for ACH payments
  • 1% discount for payments due upon receipt
  • Expenses invoiced at cost
  • Invoices sent on the 1st and 15th of each month
  • A $500 deposit is required to get started and is applied to your first invoice. All of this can be viewed through your account online.

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Technical consultations available at discounted rates so we can build long term,
economical relationships and help you on your path to creating the next big thing.

Speak to a Cocoa Engineer one on one for as little as $69.99. Cost of consultations automatically applied to any future custom services enlisted.
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We stock a range of hardware in line with our mission of empowering business development, makers and educators. Includes always free shipping, no minimums, and a customer service line powered by live human beings.

Orders over $5.00 include free overnight shipping within the U.S., and free standard shipping to the rest of North America.

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Want to sell your products through our website? Email or call our main customer support line (855) 999-6976.