IoT Solutions for the
Internet of Everything

We build IoT products so your business can extract value from connectivity. By 2025 IoT will represent 11% of the global economy. Our customers utilize Cocoa products to thrive in the Internet of Everything with reliable, secure, and scalable connected products.



Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Cellular modules for commercial and industrial applications.


Abstractions for out of the box connectivity, native security, and arduino compatibility.


All in one solution for writing code, compiling, debugging, and encrypting embedded software.

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Let us help you maximize your return on IoT development. We can help you extract value in IoT through product improvements, analytics, reducing support calls, and collecting recurring revenue.

Afero builds comprehensive and secure IoT solutions for cloud-connected devices in any industry.

Cocoa has chosen Afero as the preferred IoT platform to streamline your implementation with a suite of embedded products and developer tools.

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